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Webinars: A Content Snowball

Approaching webinars as a one-and-done event is a missed opportunity.  Webinars can actually be just the start of a ‘content snowball’ that will help you build your content and offer library.  A lot of time and effort is poured into speakers and content and delivery of each webinar. Milk that effort for all it’s worth!  Here are some ideas for turning your webinar into a ‘content snowball’:

– Write a blog about the webinar

  • If you have a blog that needs content, write up a short entry reviewing the main highlights from the event and provide the link to the recording or segments of the recording at the end of the blog write up.

– Create a summary or ‘webinar guide’webinarguide

  • Write up a detailed summary of the webinar, adding screen shots of the content into the summary. This can look and feel like a whitepaper or case study depending on the content of the webinar. Think about using this as a call to action in an email or nurture campaign.

– Split the recording into short segments

  • Ensure that you record all your webinars. Typically you can convert the recording into various formats like flv or mp4.  Then find spots where it makes sense to divide up the webinar into shorter segments that can be used as a series of content. Consider providing the first segment for ‘free’ to selected contacts and then require an email to review the next segment or two.

– Pull out short snippets from the recording

  • Using the same idea as above, find interesting snippets within the webinar that can stand alone as a content offering. Perhaps a specific idea was shared that can stand alone as an offer on your website.

– OnDemand webinar version

  • Use the entire webinar recording to follow up with registrants that did not attend the live event or the contacts that did not respond to the live event invitation, perhaps due to timing of the live event. Give these folks an opportunity to sign up for the ondemand content and generate further leads from the same webinar content after the live event.

Get creative with your own content snowball generated from your live webinars!


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