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Join us for a Twitterview on Adobe Connect Mobile

Update: Thanks for your interest in our Twitterview originally planned for 11/10. We’re rescheduling to Thursday 11/17 at 11:00am PT. We look forward to the conversation then.

It’s time for the latest in our Adobe Connect web conferencing Twitterview series!  If you have questions about Adobe Connect in the world of mobile, including our latest Adobe Connect Mobile apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry PlayBook, our own Principal Product Manager, Randah McKinnie, will be joining us for an exclusive Q & A session.  As our resident expert on mobile (as well as eLearning), Randah is a knowledge source you won’t want to miss.

Our previous Twitter-based interviews with Peter Ryce and Alistair Lee offered a fun chance to learn more about the inner workings of Adobe Connect.  We’re happy to keep up that tradition, so please join us on November 17th at 11AM Pacific time.

If you’re new to Adobe Connect or our Twitterviews, the process is simple: On 11/17, contact us via Twitter: @reply our AdobeConnect account and include the hashtag #AdobeConnect.  Randah will jump in on any questions, comments, or thoughts you might have regarding Adobe Connect.

Again, join us on Twitter, Thursday 11/17 from 11 – 11:30 a.m. PST and be sure to include the #AdobeConnect hashtag when you tweet @AdobeConnect.  If you can’t make it, please leave your question in the comments section of this post or send us a message on Twitter in advance and Randah will be sure to answer. Thanks for tuning in!

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