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New macOS application for Adobe Connect

February 1, 2021 /Uncategorized /

I’m very pleased to announce the availability of the new Adobe Connect desktop application for macOS, which was posted in early January to the Adobe Connect Downloads and Updates page.

This new version (2021.1.2) of the application brings the complete Standard view experience to Mac users in addition to maintaining support for legacy Classic view, which will continue to be available for your virtual rooms until June 2021. As a best practice, we recommend users update to the latest version of the application, which includes bug fixes and optimizations to provide the best Adobe Connect experience.

While Mac users have been able to use Standard view via a web browser for some time now, the desktop application provides a richer experience with improved audio and support for HD video and more webcam feeds. It also enables Mac users to screenshare without having to revert to Classic view.

The new application includes a new, improved launch workflow which¬† it easier to access the rooms you commonly use. While the application is launched automatically when you join a room by clicking on a link, you can also launch the application independently to see a list of your most recently accessed rooms, along with a customizable list of your favorites. It’s easy to manage your favorite rooms and Adobe Connect will remember your username to make joining even faster.

Screenshot of Adobe Connect application

As I wrote in December, version 11.2 of Adobe Connect will enable organizers to set the interface for their rooms (either Standard view or Classic view) which will be used by all room participants for a consistent experience. This upcoming release also includes a new option for Enhanced Audio, which is supported by the new macOS application. We’re very happy that our customers using macOS will have a native desktop application experience that supports all of the latest Adobe Connect features.