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Virtual conferences in government

During a recent Adobe Connect webinar titled ‘Virtual Conferences for Government’, Dean Pianta of Envolve Media discussed how the Adobe Connect platform is being used within government organizations for virtual classrooms, online meetings and seminars. He reviewed several benefits of moving meetings, conferences, trainings and events online, such as cost savings and archived recordings. The benefit of having the recordings of these sessions to view after an event is for those that may have missed the event, or for those that would like to review the session for reference.

Adobe Connect has advantages like the event management tool that can be utilized to design landing pages using a template or built from scratch. With this feature organizations can setup registration for an event with custom landing pages and forms. The advantage of a powerful registration system is also the tracking of attendee information pre- and post-event.

Watch this recording to learn more details on how virtual conferences are being created and used across the board by government agencies and organizations:


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