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Adobe Connect wins silver and excellence awards for webcasting and virtual conferences

Adobe Connect has won the “Silver” and “Excellence” awards in the webcasting category of TopTenREVIEWS, an online publication that conducts side-by-side comparisons of products and makes them publicly available.

The review begins by calling Adobe Connect 9 “a vibrant new version that invites considerable attendee participation, offers helpful and sophisticated tools to build webcasts, and gives presenters the option of hosting a webcast completely from a mobile device.” Among the features highlighted are the ability to integrate various extensions into meeting rooms, to completely host meetings from a mobile device, and the ways Adobe Connect lets users promote webinars and measure audience engagement.

The review concludes by stating, “Whether you want to generate interest in a new product, drum up new customers, meet privately with fellow employees scattered around the globe or conduct continuing education, Adobe Connect 9 is certain to have the tools and capabilities you need.”

It is terrific to see this kind of validation of our webinar solution, enabling our customers with the tools, services, and support they need to drive successful events including webcasts and virtual conferences across large audiences.

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