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Desktop Virtualization: Adobe Connect client and VMware View

Much recent discussion about web conferencing on this blog has centered on the extensibility of Adobe Connect and how our open approach to product development over time has delivered a rich, flexible solution that integrates well with other systems while solving real world challenges for wide range of customers.

Along this theme, many enterprises with particular requirements for security and compliance – especially those in government or highly regulated industries (e.g. financial services) – have turned to virtualization solutions to simplify desktop and application management, and ultimately increase control and security (the IT crowd loves this).

A lot of organizations have turned to VMware for these reasons. With VMware View (VMware VDI), desktop administrators virtualize the operating system, applications and user data to deliver desktops to end-users. Centralized automated management of these components increases control and improves business agility while providing a flexible, high-performance desktop experience, across a variety of network conditions.

Adobe and VMware teamed up to validate Adobe Connect 8 on VMware View 4.6 with the following goals:

  • Verify that the Adobe Connect client can launch web-based meetings successfully from a VMware View desktop
  • Verify that participants can view shared screens and documents with high quality
  • Verify that multiple VMware View desktop sessions running on the same host can simultaneously present

The validation took place at VMware’s labs in Palo Alto in August.


A joint white paper has been issued that describes the testing carried out jointly by VMware and Adobe. “Validating Adobe Connect Client on VMWare® View Desktops” provides technical considerations for running an Adobe Connect client in VMWare View desktops in order to participate in Adobe Connect web-based meetings. It also offers best practice recommendations for successful deployments:

  • You can download the white paper from Adobe here.
  • Alternately, you can download it from VMware here.

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-Sanjay Agrawal, Senior Product Manager


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