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Customer Story: SYNQ Studios & Adobe Connect for Webinars

Recently, award-winning computer graphics firm SYNQ Studios used Adobe Connect to deliver highly interactive, media-rich webinars to audiences around the globe. Working with the organizers of Cairo Media And Entertainment Trends Fair And Forum (CAIROMET), SYNQ Studios produced a series of webinars from its offices in Miami, involving graphic-design experts onsite in Cairo, who presented to more than 300 graphic-design professionals attending the sessions in-person. Concurrently, the webinar capabilities of Adobe Connect enabled more than 600 attendees from five continents to participate remotely in the dynamic lectures. Check out the video:

The dependability and stability of Adobe Connect enabled SYNQ Studios producers to support high-resolution visual media without dropped frames or quality loss, while the ability to quickly customize rooms and presentation layouts enhanced the experience for presenters. Adobe Connect provided a lively, engaging experience for the audience – regardless of location – helping them connect with presenters via interactive webinar features including split screens, polling, motion graphics, videos, live chats and webcams. On-demand recordings of the sessions enabled participants to view all of the event content at their convenience.

Due to their success with CAIROMET, SYNQ Studios is excited about developing new webinar initiatives. To read more about their use of Adobe Connect, click here.  

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