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Connect Tip – Eliminating Slide Catch UP

February 19, 2008 /Best Practices /

Another great tip from one of our resident Connect Pro experts, Jason Parker!
Have you ever had the brief panic attack when switching back and forth between a presentation and desktop share (or video) only to have the presentation reload on the first slide then “catch up” to the last slide you were on?
Fortunately there’s an easy and quick way to eliminate the slide “catch up” effect. Simply include your presentation on every layout. This will keep your slides in sync throughout your meeting. Note: You can hide your presentation behind other pods…see this screen shot:
To conceal the presentation pod, simply select the pod you’d like to overlap it with by clicking on the title bar which will bring it to the front. To verify your presentation pod is hidden, select Pods from the menu option and verify your pod name has a checkmark next to it.
It’s that simple!

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