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How not to share your toast…

June 12, 2007 /Best Practices /

An entry from Jason Parker, one of our internal Connect Pro seminar gurus…
How many of us have been distracted while watching a demonstration or sharing our screens by a little message pop-up (also known as a toast).
There is an easy way to disable this occasional nuisance. Select Pod options for the Chat pod and click on Disable Chat Notifications.
IMPORTANT: This setting will need to be selected for each person sharing/presenting as this setting is per Chat pod and on the individual (local) machine(s).
If you are using multiple Chat pods you will need to adjust this preference for each pod. If you are using the Q&A pod linked to the Chat pod it works the same, however you need to select the Disable Chat Notifications option before linking. If you forgot to disable notifications you can unlink (Pod options on the Q&A pod) select the disable option and re-link without loosing your Q&A Chat history.

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