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March 14, 2007 /Best Practices /

Here’s a posting from one of our most active internal Connect pros here at Adobe..Ryan Monger from our conferencing services group…
When I first started working with Acrobat Connect Professional (formerly Breeze Meeting) I was blown away by the ability to dynamically create different layouts during a meeting. This feature is powerful because it not only allows you to stage content in different layouts, but it also puts a marker in the recording when the layout gets changed. This allows me to create a “Table of Contents” for a recording when I have multiple presentations and content. For example, our eSeminars consist of multiple layouts: Lobby, Intro Polls, Presentation, Demo, Exit Polls, and Q&A. Instead of being constrained to one layout, I am able to prepare a layout depending on the content or pods I am trying to share.
Creating layouts is easy. Either click on the “Plus” sign at then end of your listed layouts, or go to Layout>New Layout… You will be given an option to create a new blank layout, or duplicate an existing one. The feature I use the most is the “Duplicate the selected layout”. Obviously, duplicating a layout will copy everything from the previous layout, but more importantly, it also copies the content in the previous layout. I can have multiple layouts with the same set of slides but change the size and position of the pods on new layouts. This way, every time the slide changes in the original layout, it also changes in the copied layouts.
Another great way to use the duplicate layout feature is to make changes to a layout but still have a backup incase you didn’t like the changes you made.

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