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Best Practices When Presenting

February 19, 2007 /Best Practices /

Amy Brooks, manager of Adobe Connect Event Services, provides the following guidelines for ensuring a successful presentation experience:

Internet Connection/Audio: 

  1. Directly connect to the fastest internet connection available
  2. No wireless, no exceptions!  Wireless connections frequently disconnect, so in order to ensure no interuptions, use a hard-wired connection.
  3. Shut down Email/IM and any programs NOT being used for the presentation.
  4. Shut down any VPNs.
  5. If using a telephone for audio, use a handset or quality headset, no speakerphone as it will cause voice fluctuations and background audio will be picked up during the recording.


  1. Have programs that you are screen sharing open to the appropriate window and ready to demonstrate – avoid launching and logging into programs.
  2. Turn off computer “sleep” especially if a re-log in is required.
  3. Optimize room bandwidth to DSL, regardless of your setting –
    1. In a Acrobat Connect Meeting, at the top of the screen click on MEETING/Optimize Room Bandwidth/DSL
  4. Room screen resolution recommendation = 1024 x768. Please note if you are using a very large screen, the optimum settings may be 800 x 600. It’s best to experiment prior to the actual meeting.
    1. In a Acrobat Connect Meeting, at the top of the screen click on MEETING/Room Screen Resolution/1024×768
  5. Optical Moderation – Avoid quickly moving cursor’s, polls, windows, anything viewable to participants. This could be a poor experience for some of your participants who may be on really slow connections and/or computers.
  6. Pre-load and rehearse your presentation! Make sure that all animations, videos, and screen shares are working as you anticipate PRIOR to your live meeting.
  7. Have FUN!! Remember, your audience is live and they will enjoy a lively and fun presentation.

Have other tips?  Please provide comments so that we can share with other users.

Best Practices