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Differences Between Standard and Enhanced Meetings

In July of 2022, Adobe Connect 12.0 introduced an entirely new Enhanced Audio/Video experience. Adobe Connect’s media server platform was upgraded to a modern cloud-native technology, optimized for delivering a scalable and reliable high-quality audio & video experience for users joining from either application or browser, from any device.

Though it is challenging to convey in a blog post, perhaps the most noticeable difference between these room experiences is the improved quality of audio and video in the enhanced rooms. Not only is the audible quality of voices better, and the visual quality of cameras clearer, but the latency or delay is significantly reduced, and the synchronization between individual cameras and voices is vastly improved.

While the legacy ‘Standard’ meeting rooms are still supported, since the introduction of the Enhanced Audio/Video meeting rooms, all new features and capabilities have been developed exclusively on the new server platform. These differences are reflected in every type of room – Meeting, Virtual Classroom, and Seminar rooms. This table provides a partial list of the current differences between Standard and Enhanced rooms. To quickly differentiate between each feature in this document, background colors will be used for each item.

Standard Room Features

Enhanced Room Features

Table of Contents

Meeting Entry Screen
Audio – Speakers and Microphones
Video – Cameras
Video – Display
Meeting Improvements
Mixed Audio Breakouts

Meeting Entry Screen

Standard meeting rooms do not offer an entry screen – all attendees join directly from the login page.

Enhanced Entry Screen
Attendees can select, configure, and test their speaker, microphone, and (optionally) camera settings before entering the room.

Virtual Video Background
Attendees can choose to blur or replace their background from a selection of virtual environments.

Audio – Speakers and Microphones

Speaker menu

Standard room

Enhanced room also includes:

• Speaker selector
• Speaker test

Microphone menu

Standard room

Enhanced room also includes:

• Microphone selector
• Microphone test
• Mute/Unmute keyboard shortcut
• Noise suppression
• Request microphone option

Request Microphone option
for participants

Video – Cameras

Camera menu

Standard room

Enhanced room also includes:

• Camera preview
• Camera selector

Video – Display and Resolution

Standard rooms support the display of multiple cameras using the Adobe Connect application. User joining from a browser will be limited to only two active cameras.

Resolution – up to HD (720p) quality.*
*Only two cameras can broadcast at 720p simultaneously.

Enhanced rooms support the display of multiple cameras in either application or browser with up to 25 cameras (out of a possible 50) being active and displayed simultaneously.

Resolution – up to FullHD (1080p) quality.*
* Only one 1080p camera can broadcast, multiple simultaneous 720p cameras are supported.

Meeting improvements

Broadcast Control

Enhanced rooms include the ability to isolate host’s and presenter’s audio and video before and after live broadcasts. This virtual ‘green room’ feature automates the activation of microphones, cameras, and recordings. Hosts and presenters can fully prepare in privacy while allowing participants to join the room.

Screen sharing

Enhanced room also includes:

• Screen share from a browser
• Screen share from ChromeOS
• Screen share from LINUX
• Screen share with system audio

Share pod improvements

Enhanced rooms include improved fitting to maximize PDF display.

Enhanced rooms include the ability to swap the same type of pod, or to add a new pod, in place of an existing pod. This is available for Share, Chat, Notes, Poll, Files, Web Links, and Quiz pods.

Quiz Pod

Enhanced rooms include a new quiz pod that allows for true student assessment during live classes.

• Up to 10 questions per pod
• Question import/export
• Detailed backend reporting

Closed Captions

Standard room
• Support for major captioning services (purchased separately)

Enhanced room also includes:

• Free automated closed captions
• 16 languages supported
• Support for automated captions in breakout rooms


Standard room
• Private Chat Notifications

Enhanced room
• Private Chat Notifications

Enhanced room also includes:

• Chat Panel – an optional chat area that will not be displayed in meeting recordings.

End/exit session menu

Standard room

Enhanced room also includes:

• Exit and End session options


Standard rooms support proprietary interactive recordings. Standard recordings can be converted to MP4 in a post-process.

Enhanced rooms create industry standard MP4 video recordings. These are available immediately after session for playback, editing, or download.

Enhanced recordings also include:

• Recording playback speed selection

Enhanced recordings (with automated captions) also include:

• Transcript view
• Transcript search
• Transcript navigation

Enhanced recordings (with automated captions) also include:

• Transcript editing for hosts

Mixed Audio Breakouts

Enhanced rooms allow for combining attendees using telephone audio with attendees using in-meeting microphone and speaker audio in the same breakout room.

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