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Introducing Adobe Connect 10

September 30, 2018 /Adobe Connect /Product Updates /

We couldn’t be more pleased today to announce the next major release of Adobe Connect – version 10.0

Adobe Connect 10 is a significant milestone for Adobe Connect and includes features that we’re incredibly excited to bring to our customers. Three of the major release features are:

  • An entirely new HTML client for participants
  • HD video and UI improvements to the desktop application
  • Single Sign On out-of-the-box

An entirely new HTML Client

We’ve been talking about the importance of HTML for quite some time. Over the last 12 months, you’ve seen Adobe Connect Central updated with modern HTML components replacing interfaces that required Flash. Our goal has always been to move our meeting client to HTML as well, and we’re excited to introduce our new client with Adobe Connect 10.

Adobe Connect 10 HTML Client

The new HTML client available in Adobe Connect 10 provides a faster and more accessible experience for participants. The modern look and feel represents a new visual direction for Adobe Connect that emphasizes your content over the meeting interface. While the interface has undergone a complete redesign, it maintains the core Adobe Connect experience of persistent rooms with layouts and pods.

The HTML interface is available for all Adobe Connect room types – Meetings, Virtual Classrooms and Seminars.  While we’ve been able to add support for every Adobe Connect pod, the new HTML client doesn’t have full feature parity with the desktop application in this release.  Support for some content such as whiteboards, custom pods, and some document types isn’t yet available. Hosts and Presenters should continue using the Adobe Connect application to broadcast their video and share their screen. An organizer can choose whether or not to enable the HTML client for any room and it can also be turned on or off at the administrative level.

The new client doesn’t replace other ways of attending Adobe Connect meetings. Users can still use the desktop application, a browser running Flash, or the mobile app on iOS and Android in addition to the new HTML client. Our goal is to reduce any barriers to entry. We’ve made every effort to ensure that when you click on a link to an Adobe Connect room, you’ll simply join using the technology you already have installed – even if that’s just a browser.

You can see a demo video of our new HTML client on YouTube.

HD Video and UI Improvements

The new HTML client isn’t the only thing that is helping to make Adobe Connect look better than ever. You’ll notice a new option when setting your video quality in Adobe Connect 10 that enables true high definition video. The Adobe Connect video pod dynamically scales the video quality as you change the size of the pod – ensuring everyone in your Adobe Connect room receives an exceptional video experience without sacrificing any bandwidth.

Adobe Connect 10 also includes changes to the interface of the desktop application. We’ve implemented some of the new design elements of the HTML client. We’ve completely redesigned the login screen, and we’ve made some color changes and visual tweaks in the application to make it more consistent with the new look and feel. As always, you’ll be able to customize Adobe Connect and create your own experiences.

Single Sign On

The Adobe Connect API has always enabled customers to implement Single Sign On (SSO), but we’ve made that experience faster and easier with Adobe Connect 10. Adobe Connect now features out-of-the-box integration with support for the SAML 2.0 open standard that will enable administrators to quickly deploy SSO for Adobe Connect throughout their organization.

By implementing SAML-based authentication services, such as Okta, with Adobe Connect, organizations don’t have manage two sets of users and users don’t have to manage multiple passwords.

We’re tremendously excited about this release. The new HTML client represents the beginning of a new era for Adobe Connect and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

Adobe Connect 10 will begin rolling out to hosted customers on October 14th. To find out when your account will be updated, you can use the use the widget on our Downloads and Updates page. On premise customers will be able to install Adobe Connect 10 later this year.

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