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Introducing The New Adobe Connect Central Homepage and Adobe Connect Application

With Adobe Connect 9.7 shipping later this month (you can find the date your account is scheduled to be upgraded here), I wanted to provide a short walkthrough of the two biggest features in the release.

This new version of Adobe Connect features a completely redesigned homepage for customers that log in to Adobe Connect Central (the web interface) as well as a new application that replaces the Adobe Connect add-in.

The new Adobe Connect Central homepage redesign not only provides a more accessible view of the content (Flash is no longer required on the homepage), but provides additional opportunities to filter and find your Adobe Connect meetings and learning content. My favorite new feature of this redesign though is that it incorporates your recordings. The recordings you’ve created, as well as the recordings to which you have access are featured on the new page. Filters and search capabilities make it easy to find the recording you’re looking for quickly without having to dig around different meeting folders.

The new application also provides customers with a faster way to access their Adobe Connect meeting rooms. While customers can simply type an Adobe Connect URL into a browser (or click on a link) as they always have, the new Adobe Connect application enables a new workflow keeps track of your favorite Adobe Connect rooms and the rooms you’ve used most recently.

You can learn more about the Adobe Connect 9.7 release here, and download the new applications here.

We’re eager for you to check out these new features and hear your feedback.

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