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Seven Strategies to Elevate the Virtual Classroom

October 11, 2016 /Virtual Classrooms /

According to the Training Magazine’s 2015 Industry Report, only 46% of training is now delivered in a traditional classroom setting by a stand-and-deliver instructor, a significant decrease over the past 15 years.

During a recent webinar hosted by Adobe Cynthia Clay, an expert on blended learning and author of “Great Webinars: Create Interactive Learning That Is Captivating, Informative, and Fun”, shared powerful engagement and interaction techniques to be used during online learning programs. She discussed several impactful strategies that maximize engagement in virtual classrooms.

Key takeaways:

The focus of the 7 strategies covered during the seminar fell in to three main categories:


People – How to go about ensuring all instructional designers and facilitators are well equipped to adminster their virtual practice

Platforms – The importance behind effectively blending synchronous and asynchronous collaboration tools

Practices – How to best go about documenting and sharing your best practices internally


Ms. Clay details the strategies that allow you to design effective virtual classroom experiences in the full webinar. Access the recording here and begin improving your virtual classroom environments today.

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