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October 31, 2016 /Customer Stories /

Some of the greatest minds in digital marketing met nearly a decade ago to map the future of their nascent industry. That meeting led to the creation of the Society of Digital Agencies, now known as SoDA.

Part of SoDA’s mission is to help digital agencies, production companies, and niche digital experts share knowledge and best practices. One technology SoDA uses to unite members from its 110 participating organizations in 40 countries is Adobe Connect.

“Adobe Connect is vital to how SoDA works. It enables us to bring agency executives and creative leaders together from across the globe to share, learn, and collaborate,” says Tom Beck, Executive Director, SoDA.
Using Connect chat functionality, SoDA board members can meet regularly using any device from any location. Upon login members have access to everything they need, such as documents and media, and even the ability to vote on motions with the polling feature in Connect.

SoDA also hosts nearly 100 digital marketing webinars a year using Connect. The organization developed several custom layouts in Adobe Connect with features including screen and document sharing, chat, video sharing, polling, and recording to keep the experiences dynamic.

SoDA also hosts secure “show-and-tell sessions” that let intimate groups of representatives from three member companies share detailed information about projects and discuss best practices with their global peers. Additionally, SoDA is considering expanding its popular learning conference, The SoDA Academy, in to an always-on eLearning offering using Adobe Connect.

To learn more about how SoDA is leveraging Adobe Conect to accomplish its goals and spread knowledge read the full customer showcast here:

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