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All of the Classroom, None of the Commute

One of Europe’s leading providers of specialty business education has brought together the best of distance learning with the benefits of a live classroom. Online Classroom Live from BPP Professional Education delivers live, real-time classes to learners in any location on any device using Adobe Connect.

BPP students can also take classes either in-center or through Online Classrooms, which offer traditional pre-recorded lectures. Online Classroom Live combines the best of the two options. Adobe Connect helps remove working students’ “triangle of pain” of commuting from home to work to school and back. Adobe Connect provides the flexibility for students to log on from anywhere while still receiving the benefits of live learning.

Adobe Connect also gives BPP flexibility to create new learning options, such as spreading a three-day in-center program over a two month period which also includes bi-weekly online sessions and networking opportunities between the virtual classes. Compared with intensive, in-person conferences, interest in these shorter sessions is rising and there’s evidence that educational outcomes are better for many participants.

Improved outcomes are also possible for students with different personalities. For instance, students who are shy in person are actually more likely to participate in live, online courses. Technology also enables BPP to reach more students with less courses, making Online Classroom Live up to 500% more profitable than the same previously on-site courses.  

To learn more about how BPP uses Adobe Connect to deliver critical content to their students and foster increased collaboration we encourage you to read the full customer showcase below:

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Download a PDF version of the BPP story here and to learn more about our virtual classroom solutions visit the product showcase here.

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