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Webinar Marketers— Difficulty with Constant Content Creation? There’s an App for that in Adobe Connect

April 18, 2016 /Product Updates /Webinars /

Setting an engaging tone early in any webinar program is key to capturing and sustaining your audience’s attention. Adobe Connect’s custom pod and custom app features enable webinar marketers to rapidly create unique immersive experiences. While generating proprietary content experiences from the ground-up is a powerful way to help capture audience attention, doing so on a consistent basis can demand resources and time that many marketers do not have readily available. We help solve for this issue by offering a broad selection of diverse apps that can be seamlessly incorporated in to any webinar environment.

Benefits of including custom apps

Introduction, identification of a problem, demonstration of the solution, open for questions, fade to black. Everyone has been there before, you sit down for a webinar to learn more about a product or service and it follows this same theme time and time again. Too many webinars fall victim to this plight, which is why here at Adobe we are making it easier than ever to break free of this cycle. Apps inside of webinars are a perfect way to extend the use of Adobe Connect beyond its core set of functionalities and are sure to make a lasting impression with your audience. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Break the ice with music and dynamic location identification

Some rhythmic melodies could do just the trick to loosen things up and keep your early birds entertained while they wait for the webinar to begin, plus recent research findings from Cornell University point to certain types of music contributing to increases in teamwork and cooperation. Display your brand’s personality by incorporating some of your favorite music through the use of the MP3 player app. Webinars can sometimes carry a dry or stuffy connotation, but adding media to the early part of the program can help dispel this notion altogether. The app gives attendees a choice between multiple tracks, so there is sure to be something to suit everyone’s fancy.

While things are getting started you can also engage attendees by letting them show their hometown pride. Rather than posing the question ‘where is everyone joining us from today?’ allow them to show instead of tell. The Location Map App allows users to drag and drop their name on to the specific location they are joining from. This will help you demonstrate how geographically diverse the event is and gives you as the presenter added context to possibly relate to the audience with.

Sustain interest with the Social Stream Pod

Introducing social media content and engagement during a webinar is a sure fire way to help freshen things up. Perhaps a colleague of yours is tasked with live tweeting the key soundbytes from the presentation. Having the Social Stream Pod enabled provides your audience with easily digestible snippets of information that are being distributed from the event. From directly within the pod attendees can comment, retweet, share, and like the content in real time. Having your brand’s social presence felt from within the event will increase the likelihood that audience members will amplify the content or follow your account, serving to ultimately bolster brand equity and help secure mindshare long after the event has ended.

Secure engagement with EduGameCloud

Ever find your attendees’ enthusiasm dwindling as the minutes tick by? Keep them on their toes with interactive games, tests, assessments, surveys, and maps with the EduGameCloud app. Dynamic surveys help drive participation and provide you with a tool to gather deeper insights about your participants. Games such as crossword puzzles and word-finders can be created in minutes and deployed immediately. Exporting survey responses and game engagement data to excel can be automated, making management and analysis of this data as seamless as creating the experiences themselves. This highly interactive content is a snap to build and will be sure to help sustain interest throughout the duration of your program.

Close strong with Word Cloud

By the end of the webinar you have likely communicated a significant amount of information to your audience. It is time to sum up the key takeaways so to ensure attendees leave with an understanding of the most important points addressed during the session and are primed for later re-engagement. Rather than closing with a static ‘key takeaways’ or ‘next steps’ slide consider using the Word Cloud App to dynamically visualize these points.

By asking engaging questions and monitoring the chat pod throughout, webinar managers can use this app to highlight what the key discussion areas were during the session. Words or phrases that appeared most frequently are displayed as the largest and participants are given the option to download the image once it is presented to them. This visual aid can help compliment notes that attendees took, and will help them better recall the main focus areas when they revisit the content at a later point.

Unlimited app possibilities with our new SDK

Can’t find exactly what you are looking for in the app store? Our recent release of the Adobe Connect Custom Pods Software Development Kit (SDK) unlocks limitless potential. We’re enabling marketers with access to developer resources to ideate and execute on completely new content experiences outside of our pre-packaged offering. These developer tools are lightweight, easily integrated, and maintainable. Imagination is now the limit when it comes the experiences that can be built in to your webinar programs.

Wr-App-ing things up

Content is the new marketing currency, and the requirements necessary to constantly create fresh material can demand more resources than are readily available. The app store for Adobe Connect helps extend the functionality of our product and provides webinar marketers the ability to rapidly create unconventional engaging experiences. Begin learning more about Adobe Connect for webinars by visiting the solution page, and visiting here to see our full offering of applications.

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