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Increasing our Focus on Web Standards- What’s new in Adobe Connect 9.5.2?

February 3, 2016 /Product Updates /

Last year, we shared with you some of our plans for supporting HTML5 and other web standards. Since then, we’ve introduced features that:

  • support HTML5 content from Adobe Captivate and Adobe Presenter in virtual classrooms
  • enable customers to easily create offline MP4 versions of their recordings to support mobile devices
  • incorporate a new Adobe Connect SDK to add support for HTML5/Javascript versions of custom pods

Today, I’m pleased to announce a new update to Adobe Connect that enables customers without Adobe Flash Player installed on their computer to attend an Adobe Connect meeting, virtual classroom, or webinar. Flash is no longer required.

With this latest update, customers who don’t have the Flash plug-in installed or enabled on their browsers will be prompted to download and install the Adobe Connect add-in. Once installed, the add-in will thereafter automatically launch for all Adobe Connect meetings. While the underlying technology for an Adobe Connect meeting hasn’t changed (at least, not yet), we believe this will further reduce any barriers to entering an Adobe Connect meeting, virtual classroom, or webinar.

The new feature comes with the 9.5.2 update which also includes some other new features.

Customers will now have the ability to move a seminar room to a different license. That means that if you were originally expecting 100 registrants for your webinar and you get 1,000 – you can move your room to a l,000 capacity license folder without changing the URL or any other event details.

In addition to product optimizations and bug fixes, we’re also improving accessibility in this latest version of Adobe Connect.

While version 9.5.2 is a minor update, we’re continuing to evolve the product based on your feedback. We’ll start upgrading customer accounts on February 7th.  Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming this year.

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