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Adobe Connect Mobile 2.5 – MP4 Video Support for iOS

January 7, 2016 /Product Updates /

One of the richest and most engaging types of content you can share in an Adobe Connect meeting is video. Video is ideal to show a pre-recorded tutorial to a class, or to share a marketing video during a webinar, or even to play back a portion of a previously recorded Adobe Connect meeting.

However until now you needed to ensure that your videos were in FLV format to guarantee they played for all viewers on desktops, and on both Android and iOS devices. Even though you could upload an MP4 video file into your Share pod and hit play, it could only be seen by viewers on desktop computers and Android devices, not iPhones or iPads. Well I’m excited to tell you that the latest version of Adobe Connect Mobile, version 2.5, has fixed all that. Now you can choose to use either FLV or MP4 video files to share, and they will play on desktops and all iOS and Android devices!

Another improvement we’ve added will benefit anyone using mobile-friendly custom pods. We’ve updated our tools to allow developers to now launch a URLs from a custom pod running in Adobe Connect Mobile. This means that a specifically designed custom pod could allow an instructor to direct students to related online content, or for hosts of a webinar to open participants to an online satisfaction survey at the end of the session.

Lastly, the new version of Adobe Connect Mobile addresses a key area of battery efficiency. By changing how we operate when our application is placed in the background, we’ve significantly reduced battery usage, with up to nine times less battery usage than before. Now you can be more mobile than ever!

Product Updates