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Content Marketing Webinars: 5 Prescriptions for Attracting and Engaging Your Audience

October 9, 2015 /Solutions /Webinars /


To be effective and grow your attendees into healthy customers and advocates, you must first attract and engage those with symptoms your solution can treat.

Mike Argron, expert webinar practitioner and co-founder of WebAttract held a fantastic webinar on 5 pain-free ways to fill your webinar waiting room with the right audience.

Here’s some key takeaways:

Generate Leads by Delivering Engaging Webinars that Attract and Convert Prospects into Advocates and Customer


5 prescriptions needed to better attract and engage your audience;

  1. Pick a winning topic that connects
  2. Using KPIs to validate if you’re on track, or if you’re not
  3. Motivate fence sitters to register
  4. Insist your speakers participate in table reads & dress rehearsals
  5. Use lifecycle intelligence for post webinar follow up

Ideas to get started:

  • Identify market trends, disruptions, challenges
  • Create “must have” topics that explain how to overcome pain points
  • Choose content with demonstrable outcomes you can tell a story around
  • Recruit knowledgeable and passionate 3rd party speakers
  • Use KPIs before, ,during and after to measure and predict outcomes
  • Develop a project plan – “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

Mike dives into detail on the importance of each takeaway. For the full recording please select the link below.

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