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The Adobe Connect HTML5 Roadmap

The Adobe Connect team is happy to share some significant developments in its support of HTML5/WebRTC.

The Adobe Connect team believes that HTML5/WebRTC will solve three important challenges today:

  1. Content compatibility: The promise of HTML5 is that content (elearning or otherwise) will work well on desktop and across mobile devices
  2. Content portability: HTML5 will allow users to content create once and deploy it across platforms
  3. Cross-browser real-time collaboration: WebRTC aims to provide cross-browser real-time collaboration

In the future, we plan to support the following:

  • HTML5 content playing in Adobe Connect Meetings, including content created from Adobe Presenter and Adobe Captivate.
  • Easy client-side conversion of recordings to MP4 for portability of recordings to play across desktop and mobile.
  • The ability to create custom pods using HTML5/JavaScript via Adobe Connect SDK for use across both mobile and desktop.

As WebRTC matures, Adobe Connect plans to be ready to support HTML5 on an even broader scale. We are already developing an Adobe Connect web client fully on HTML5 – so we are planning to be ready once HTML5 can support large scale collaboration across browsers.

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