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Adobe Connect Mobile 2.4 Brings Custom Pods To Your Mobile Device

We’re thrilled to announce the new Adobe Connect Mobile version 2.4. The most important new feature is the ability to support custom pods specifically designed to run on phones and tablets. We’ve extended our custom pod architecture to our mobile platform by allowing developers to build applications using HTML5.

Custom pods are like mini-applications that run inside your meeting. It’s a bit like having a smart phone and installing apps to add new functionality to your phone. With Adobe Connect, you install Custom Pods, which can be found on our Apps page, into your meeting room to add new functionality to your room. There are so many great examples of custom pods that fall into different categories. For example there are social apps that let you stream Twitter and Instagram feeds into the room for everyone to see. There are great collaborative content creation tools, like StickyNotePages from AcitveC that allows everyone in the room to create and post sticky notes on a shared board. Even collaborative mind-mapping with Mindomo from eSyncTraining – allowing you collaboratively build a mind-map using rich content from sources like YouTube.

However some of the most engaging apps are the simplest. UpVote from Adobe lets everyone enter ideas, and then you can vote on anyone’s ideas, with the most voted ideas rising to the top. In fact UpVote and our Anonymous Chat pod will be among the first to be available for Adobe Connect Mobile.


Another critical custom pod that will be available for mobile very soon is our Closed Captioning pod – allowing hearing impaired mobile users to now see the live captioning occurring in the Adobe Connect meeting as they would on a desktop computer.


There are a number of amazing Custom Pods that I know are in development for mobile from popular custom pod developers like eSyncTraining and RefinedData. They’ve got fantastic video playback tools, gamified learning, and video-classroom participation – all from your phone or tablet.

Download the new Adobe Connect Mobile 2.4 from the Apple iTunes store or Google Play store today and soon start exploring the wonderful Custom Pods that are now possible.

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