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Financial Services Group Improves Employee Training, Passing Scores, and Productivity with Adobe Connect

Keeping personal financial advisors up-to-date on the latest products and services in a heavily regulated industry requires a lot of education. Old Mutual South Africa helps its advisors continually deliver objective advice and support to customers with help from Adobe Connect.

Adobe Connect provides virtual classrooms in which users can receive streaming audio and video, download documents, and engage with interactive tools. The application program interface (API) in Adobe Connect lets Old Mutual easily add new capabilities because Adobe Connect uses a single code base to run across all platforms. The Personal Financial Advisor (PFA) Division simply modifies the learner user interface (LUI) application to allow access to new resources stored on the Adobe Connect Server.

“For example, if there’s an update on the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services (FAIS) Act, PFA would be oldmutualable to host training sessions specifically on this topic, record the sessions, and then make them available to advisors through the LUI application,” says Dimitri Merritt, eLearning Specialist at Old Mutual South Africa. “In other words, the Adobe Connect API allows users to interact with the features and content of Adobe Connect via a third-party application.”

Implemented with help from partner Dax Data, Adobe Connect has helped Old Mutual train up to 2,500 people in as little as three days. The course pass rate has also risen from 54% to between 80% and 90%.

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