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A New Generation of Self-Sufficiency

Through meaningful, emotional connections, the not-for-profit Infinite Family helps children impacted by poverty or disease in Africa rebuild their lives. Adobe Connect enables Infinite Family’s trained mentors interact with mentees via web conferencing, engaging them with interactivity such as videos, games, and chatrooms.

infinite-family-case-study“We use technology to bridge physical distance and to build trusting relationships that allow our Net Buddy mentees to learn from their mentors’ life experiences,” says Amy Stokes, founder and CEO, Infinite Family. “We wanted to enable very personal and meaningful interactions. To achieve that, we needed a reliable, high-quality web conferencing platform to support face-to-face conversations, creating impact and an emotional connection.”

Infinite Family chose Adobe Connect because it securely supports high-quality communications and a wide variety of content. The latest version of Adobe Connect also requires only about 20% of the bandwidth of earlier versions and supports mobile devices. That means Infinite Family’s African operations can move to areas with lower bandwidth capacity, and mentors have on-the-go flexibility.

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