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Using Adobe Connect to Act Locally and Think Globally

The Arthur R. Marhsall Foundation builds community awareness by bringing members of the public – including scientists, conservationists, educators and students – to the Florida Everglades to see firsthand the value of preserving its resources.

But how do you offer this experience to the thousands who are interested without unlimited resources?

The foundation partnered with the School District of Palm Beach County. Together, they use Adobe Connect to provide a compelling virtual field trip program. They combine pre-built learning materials with live video from mobile devices running Adobe Connect Mobile to create sessions that maximize the value of each learning opportunity.

“It used to be a big challenge to get several hundred students at a time to participate in the field,” says Tara Bardi, director of education and senior scientist at the Arthur R. Marshall Foundation. “With Adobe Connect, we’re still having students attend in person, but have surpassed those benchmarks and have had up to 7,000 students participate online in a four-day session. In the future, we look forward to continuing to exceed that level of participation with high-quality experiences.”

Check out this fantastic customer story of how this environmental organization uses Adobe Connect to promote its message among students, educators, and others.

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