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View Training Videos Offline with Updated Experience Manager Communities Mobile App

You may have read about our recent release of Adobe Experience Manager Communities, an offering geared toward field and channel enablement use cases – and how it can be part of a broader Adobe Connect solution, adding social and mobile learning capabilities to course authoring and virtual classroom workflows.

One of the key issues we have heard from our customers – especially those with users who work outside of the office, from sales teams to those on a manufacturing floor – is the need to be able to provide those users with access to content when network connectivity may not be available. Despite improvements in network connectivity outside of the office, access can be spotty and certainly is not guaranteed, making it challenging to view the content when it can be most conveniently viewed, such as in an airplane – or when it is needed most, such as on a manufacturing floor where step-by-step instructions are required to complete a task.

We’ve just released a new feature for the Experience Manager Communities mobile client, enabling users to download MP4 video content to their mobile device for viewing offline, making the content truly available from anywhere, anytime. Publishers can enable (or disable for security purposes) video content to be available for download, and viewing metrics and completions are synchronized with the server when users are back online.

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Download video content directly to your mobile device



View content in your offline library when not connected to the network


We’re excited to deliver this new feature, which provides an organized way for users to discover, download, and view content regardless of connectivity, and is a step in the right direction in solving the challenge of providing access to insights at the moment of need.

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