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Generating Civic and Online Engagement

October 28, 2014 /Virtual Classrooms /

We see Adobe Connect being used by an array of organizations across industries and use cases, and it is often times impressive to hear how our customers are using our solutions as a platform for driving change.  We recently had the opportunity to interview Campaign Consultation, Inc., a company that helps not-for-profit organizations cultivate the interest and funding required to drive social change.

Education is a major part of the company’s offering, and it turned to Adobe Connect to increase interactivity and personalization within digital experiences to connect with audiences. Campaign Consultation provides knowledge and support in areas including community development, fund raising, diversity utilization, issue advocacy, media and marketing, public policy, and organizational and business development success. Using Adobe Connect as a scalable web conferencing platform for webinars, eLearning, and digital meetings helps the company flexibly communicate complex ideas to wide audiences.

“With our previous solution, we were limited and could only offer audiences very linear experiences,” says Robyn Stegman, Project Specialist at Campaign Consultation, Inc. “Using Adobe Connect, we have a lot more flexibility with how audiences can engage with presenters. We can also offer greater consistency across devices and better manage larger events.”

After switching from another web conferencing solution to Adobe Connect, Campaign Consultation has improved their results significantly. In the first year of using Adobe Connect, Campaign Consultation has delivered 58% more webinars over the prior year, and has boosted attendance by up to 20%, while at the same time delivering more personalized, interactive experiences across audiences. Read more about Campaign Consultation and how they achieved these results in this case study here:

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