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Some Adobe Connect Benefits Quantified: My MBA Research Project

By Angela Hsiao

For the past few months, I have been interning on the Adobe Connect Team. It’s been a fun ride and using Adobe Connect for most of my meetings has made me appreciate the many features and benefits it offers.

One of the most interesting projects I had the opportunity to work on this summer was a series of interviews I conducted across our customer base. Each customer had their own use cases, but across the board, every customer agreed Adobe Connect saved time, money and was even eco-friendly.

For example, one of the largest global messaging solutions companies in the world estimates that with the remote collaboration capabilities of Adobe Connect, they were able to cut international travel costs by over 20%.

A sales person who uses Adobe Connect on a daily basis estimates that with Adobe Connect’s persistence and template features, he saves at least 20 minutes per session, with 3 – 4 sessions held daily.

A large business solutions company estimates that by moving their training online with Adobe Connect, they were able to reduce their staff requirements by 60% by consolidating subject matter experts. They also saw an increase in knowledge retention, while at the same time decreasing time spent in the classroom by 10 – 20%.

A Candian non-profit estimates “…it [Adobe Connect] allows the education of individuals in remote parts of the country through the use of webinars. They would otherwise not be able to receive the training, or would have to wait months to fly into Vancouver at an expense into the thousands.”

Another non-profit based out of Michigan estimated they saved over 15,000 pounds of carbon each [meeting] hour.

While it can be difficult to quantify the exact savings – whether time, money or otherwise, I have come to appreciate the kind of impact Adobe Connect can offer its users. As I head back to business school in LA this fall, I can already see how web conferencing would benefit me. Trying to schedule MBA students to be in the same place at the same time can be a challenge, and instead of worrying about getting around town and losing time sitting in traffic to make group meetings, I will suggest that my teammates all head into my Adobe Connect room – saving us the cost of gas and the time lost in LA’s notorious traffic.


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