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Course Correction: 9.1 Seminar Scheduling Changes

by Guillaume Privat, Director, Adobe Connect

By now, most of you should be aware that we launched our latest version of Adobe Connect, Connect 9.1.  First customers were upgraded to the new version on 8/17. It included some major changes to the way to schedule a seminar room.

The overwhelming feed-back we received so far from our customers is that those new changes do not work for them.  As a result, we are course correcting and are adjusting the product based on the feed-back we received.

A few weeks ago, we announced that with the 9.1 upgrade, we will be more strictly enforcing the use of Seminar Rooms in accordance with the Terms of Service and EULAs, and requiring the usage of Seminar Rooms to be scheduled in advance.

As part of the enforcement workflows, a 30 minute buffer between seminar sessions was a planned requirement. Due to customer feedback we have changed the requirement as follows:

  • Scheduling back-to-back seminar sessions will be permitted without a buffer on the same license if using different seminar rooms
  • For seminar sessions using the same seminar room on the same license, the 30 minute buffer will remain in place.

We also announced that all seminar rooms will be in stand-by mode with a limit of 5 attendees to allow for up to five preparatory sessions to take place outside of scheduled Seminar Sessions. This capacity has been increased to 10.

For FAQs and more information on seminar scheduling click here.

To find out when your account will be upgraded visit this pageFor those accounts and trials that have already been upgraded to 9.1, expect these changes to be implemented on Monday September 9th.

To learn what else is new with this upgrade, please visit the Adobe Connect User Community site,, for an overview of new features and tutorials.

Again, thank you for your feedback! We hope these changes will make your continued use of Seminar Rooms productive.


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