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Adobe Connect Seminar Scheduling Changes

July 19, 2013 /Uncategorized /

The next version of Adobe Connect is coming this summer and, with this upgrade, we will be more strictly enforcing the use of Seminar Rooms in accordance with the Terms of Service and EULAs, and requiring the usage of Seminar Rooms to be scheduled in advance. This requirement only applies to Seminar Rooms. Customers must take action to schedule Seminar Rooms.

Following the upgrade, all seminar rooms will be in stand-by mode with a limit of 5 attendees unless a Seminar Session is scheduled.

In this upgrade we are introducing the concept of a Seminar Session, which is the new mechanism for scheduling seminars if the Event Module is not being used for scheduling.

Customers that have a seminar(s) planned immediately following their upgrade date are strongly encouraged to schedule the appropriate seminar room(s) prior to upgrade. Upon upgrade, a Seminar Session will automatically be created.  Watch this video to learn how to prepare seminar rooms now to automatically create a Seminar Session upon upgrade.

After upgrade, customers can begin scheduling Seminar Sessions for all future seminars. Watch this video to learn how to schedule Seminar Sessions AFTER the upgrade.

For FAQs and more information on seminar scheduling click here.

To find out when your account will be upgraded visit this page.

To learn what else is new with this upgrade, please visit the Adobe Connect User Community site in the coming weeks for an overview of new features and tutorials.


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