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Meet our partners: Clarix Technologies

clarixAdobe Connect is primarily sold by a network of trusted partners who in addition to delivering the software provide additional services to our customers.  Most of them have been selling and supporting the product for a very long time; some, since the Macromedia days.  They have deep expertise to make sure the solution proposed match your needs and ensure your Adobe Connect deployment will be successful.  In a serie of blogposts, we want to give you the opportunity to meet some of them.  This week, we talk with Gary Whitacre, CEO of Clarix Technologies.

Guillaume Privat (Adobe):  Hello Gary.  Clarix was one of the first reseller of what used to be Macromedia Breeze and became Adobe Connect.  Can you tell us more about your company?

Gary Whitaker (Clarix): Clarix Technologies, Inc. is a NY based Adobe Gold Partner for Adobe Connect.  Our team has been providing services around Connect for 8+ years, and has a very developed service offering around the needs of this product, and our customers.  All Clarix employees are knowledgeable about the product and all undergo extensive ongoing training. Our goal is to provide our customers a best-in class solution that will meet their needs for eLearning, online training, event marketing, web meetings, and audio conferencing.  Our USA based technical support team and certified trainers are available to ensure our customers are successful with the use of this product, from start to finish.  We do business with thousands of company’s across the U.S and Canada, who consistently come back because we listen, solve problems, provide free technical support and product training, and remain focused on the needs of our customers.  And we welcome new customers every day.

GP: What would you say is unique in Clarix approach to reselling Adobe Connect?

GW:Clarix doesn’t just sell Adobe Connect; we give our customers the tools to use itClarix provides a level of  mission-critical, personalized support of Adobe Connect that doesn’t exist anywhere else.  From the start a customer will have a dedicated product specialist available to customize a configuration that is right for them.  We provide a comprehensive strategic account team consisting of Adobe Certified Trainers, multiple layers of technical support and training staff, and a dedicated account manager and management team.  An overall account strategy is defined with the customer and agreed upon prior to the execution of any sale, and Clarix makes sure that each customer is supported throughout the entire process – from implementation to ongoing training.

GP: You have clearly made a lot of investment in reselling Adobe Connect and supporting your customers “above and beyond”.  What made you decide to resell Connect in the first place?

GW: Adobe Connect is a trend setter and has remained consistent in providing a best-in class market winning solution year after year.  Clarix believes that Connect is the most capable, customizable web conferencing option available that is able to address use cases across all verticals including web meetings, eLearning, event marketing, and webinars. Simply put, we sell Connect because it’s just better!  We’ve found that our clients want the versatility that Adobe Connect is able to provide.  More and more clients require a suite of tools that can be accessed and used by virtually anyone, anywhere, with any internet-connected device. For enterprises large or small, as well as, government or educational institutions, Adobe Connect provides a platform that organizations can standardize on while utilizing technologies that are already typically in place.  Adobe Connect comes from one of the most well respected names and recognized innovators in the software industry.  With a distinct market advantage we believe Adobe Connect has what it takes to continue to be an industry leader in this space.   Over the last several years, Adobe has listened to their customers, and continually incorporated customer ideas into their product roadmap and business strategy.  This custom centric approach matches how Clarix does business.


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