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Meet our partners: MeetingOne


Adobe Connect is primarily sold by a network of trusted partners who in addition to delivering the software provide additional services to our customers.  Most of them have been selling and supporting the product for a very long time; some since the Macromedia days.  They have deep expertise to make sure the solution proposed match your needs and ensure your Adobe Connect deployment will be successful.  In a serie of blogposts, we want to give you the opportunity to meet some of them.  This week, we talk with Sophie Lal, CEO and Chairman of MeetingOne and Nicolas Perdrillat, VP Connect Audio Integration at MeetingOne.

Guillaume Privat (Adobe):  Sophie,  as the CEO of MeetingOne, can you give us a quick overview of  your company?

sophielalM1Sophie Lal (MeetingOne): MeetingOne was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado with international locations in France and Belgium. MeetingOne sells in North America and Europe.  MeetingOne’s mission is to enable businesses and educational institutions around the world to communicate and collaborate more effectively despite geographic distances, by using a combination of tools and services including Adobe Connect web-conferencing.

GP: MeetingOne has been selling Adobe Connect for a long time, hasn’t it?

SL: Quite a long time indeed. MeetingOne’s partnership with Adobe started in July 2005 and the status of Gold Partner got awarded in 2007 for its sales achievements as a VAR and its advanced integrated Adobe Connect audio conferencing technology.

GP: At the time, what prompted you to choose to resell Adobe Connect?

SL: We chose to sell Adobe Connect exclusively because of the extended functionality the technology provides compared to other web conferencing  providers. Beyond Web Conferencing, Adobe Connect also provides a full on-demand e-Learning Suite that is un-matched and present an ‘All-In-One’ solution. Adobe Connect elevates online training, marketing, sales, and web conferencing to a whole new level, delivering high-impact communications everyone can access. And because Connect is deployed using Flash Player, it is already installed on more than 97% of browsers worldwide, the audience can always join a Connect online meeting and/or on-demand training course instantly.

GP: What would you say is unique about MeetingOne?

SL: MeetingOne offers the most advanced audio integration for Adobe Connect and the best expertise in facilitating high profile integrated audio and Adobe Connect events with our live event facilitation team. In addition MeetingOne has developed Click&Meet, a fully integrated teleconferencing online visual interface that allows you to control your call more efficiently. It revolutionizes the way businesses conduct conference calls by providing users with unparalleled control through a visual and easy-to-use interface.

nicperdrillatM1Nicolas Perdrillat (MeetingOne): Let me add a few details to what Sophie just said.  Because we are reselling Adobe Connect exclusively, we have focused all our web conferencing integration efforts on Adobe Connect.  As a result we offer audio services to Adobe Connect that no other conferencing provider does.  For example, we offer Adobe Connect on-premise customer with a SIP service that connects directly to their Flash Media Gateway interface.   We also support up to 20 break out rooms to match the total number of break out rooms supported by Adobe Connect.  Since 2005 we have built a very strong technical expertise to help customers with any audio integration needs they might have.



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