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Meet our partners: GetConnect

imagesAdobe Connect is primarily sold by a network of trusted partners who in addition to delivering the software provide additional services to our customers.  Most of them have been selling and supporting the product for a very long time; some, like GetConnect, since the Macromedia days.  They have deep expertise to make sure the solution proposed match your needs and ensure your Adobe Connect deployment will be successful.  In a serie of blogposts, we want to give you the opportunity to meet some of them.  This week, we talk with Greg Anderson, CEO of GetConnect.

Guillaume Privat (Adobe):  Greg,  can you tell us more about GetConnect?

Greg AndersonGreg Anderson (GetConnect): GetConnect is a Texas corporation based in Dallas, but is virtual with everyone working from home. There are thirteen employees, with people in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, California, and Toronto, Ontario Canada. GetConnect sells all across North America, which means the US and Canada. The first day in business was Monday, December 12, 2005. Our mission from day one has been to be the best Adobe Connect partner there is, by any measurement, as viewed by our customers and by Adobe. Today we have over 1,000 active customers using Connect.

GP: What would you say is unique about your company?

GA: GetConnect is unique in that our founders and five of our seven salespeople are former Adobe employees who have been selling Connect for years. Our cumulative experience selling Connect exceeds 50 years. Our experience, depth and breadth of knowledge are without equal.

GP: Why did you choose to resell Adobe Connect?

GA: All we sell is Adobe Connect. Simply stated, it’s the best product in the web communications space. For anyone needing or wanting the leading technology in web conferencing and elearning today, there is no other product that does what Connect does. Why would we want to sell anything else?


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