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Adobe Connect 9 powered by the only leader in Web Content Management

by Guillaume Privat, Director Adobe Connect

A recent report published by Forrester Research recognised Adobe CQ as a leader in web experience management. “The Forrester Wave™: Web Content Management For Digital Customer Experience, Q2 2013” report looked at 10 web content management (WCM) products, one of which was Adobe CQ, across 100 comprehensive criteria such as vendor’s current offering, strategy and marketing presence.

Adobe CQ is the underlying technology used in Adobe Connect 9 Events module used to create rich events catalog, micro-sites or landing page.  It provides an easy drag and drop framework that enables any webinar producers to create and update rich and professional looking information and registration pages without the need to work with IT or external agencies.  It speeds up the process of the creation of these pages and reduces to cost to create great looking landing pages that will help build a large audience for a webinar.

In addition to CQ, Connect 9 Events provide also out of the box analytics powered by Adobe Analytics (previously known as SiteCatalyst), which help marketers analyze and optimize every step of their webinar: optimize the registration form, optimize email communications, optimize webinar promotional spend, optimize webinar content delivery.

For the price of the Adobe Connect Events module, webinar producers can access 3 leading technologies seamlessly integrated into an out of the box complete solution for webinars: Adobe CQ to create rich landing pages, Adobe Connect to run rich and engaging webinars and Adobe Analytics to measure and optimize the entire webinar experience.


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