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Join us at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit

The Adobe Digital Marketing Summit is taking place in Salt Lake City, March 4 – 8.  It is the premium event to explore the latest tools and trends in the digital marketing arena.

Webinars, or digital events, are fast becoming a critical tool used by marketers to find prospects, nurture leads or educate customers.  Budget once reserved to live tradeshows or live events is shifting towards online webinars.  Yet, marketers find it hard to measure the effectiveness of their webinars because the analytics they get is completely siloed.

Producing a webinar can be broken down into three parts:

  • Getting prospects / customers to register for the event and attend
  • Engage the audience during the actual events (or post the event with a recording)
  • Forward the leads generated to sales

Each part generate its own set of analytics which is not integrated.  For example, for the first part, marketers typically get insight on how many people came to the registration site set-up from the different marketing campaigns that they have run (do they come from banner ads, google ads, social media engagement). For the last part, they get an overall idea of how many total leads they generated for sales.   But it is very hard for them to answer one very simple question:  which campaign actually generated the most qualified leads? was it the banner ads, the google ads or the social media engagement?

Adobe Connect 9 provides out of the box the close loop analytics required to answer this question.  But it can do much more.  Come to the Adobe Summit to learn how you can leverage other tools from the Adobe Marketing Tools to optimize your webinar programs and integrate them within your digital marketing strategy:

  • Learn how to test multiple registration form to identify which ones drives the most registration with Test and Target
  • Learn how to incorporate registration within your social media strategy with Adobe Experience Manager
  • Learn how to add behavioral information from webinars into your lead scoring strategy with Adobe Analytics

There are many more reason to attend the Summit.  Black Keys will be performing; Keynotes from Felix Baumgartner, or Sal Khan (from Khan Academy), and the slopes are nearby if you are a skier or snowboarder !  Register here.


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