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Metrics not Myths for your webinars

Yesterday, Adobe launched the Adobe Marketing Cloud “Metrics Not Myths” campaign.  This campaign aims to counter common statements hurled at Marketers like “Marketing is BS”, that it is hard to measure ROI on marketing investments.  Here is a funny video made for the campaign.


This “Metrics not Myths” plays well for webinars as well.  Up to 75% of all webinars are run for marketing purpose either to generate leads or to move prospect up the interest ladder.  Yet we found that marketers have difficulty measuring the ROI they are getting on their webinars or optimizing their webinar spend because they are getting an incomplete picture of the performance of their webinars.

For example, before the webinar, they typically can track which campaign draws the most registrations.  After the webinar, they can see who attended and who did not.  From the registration data they can qualify the lead based on demographics data.   But they can not tell which campaign generated the most qualified leads (and not just the most registration).  Was it the email invitation, the banner ads, the paid search keywords etc…?

Adobe Connect 9 Reporting

Adobe Connect 9 Reporting

Enters Adobe Connect 9 and our integration with Adobe’s Marketing Cloud.  Out of the box, our webinar solution enables, marketers to identify the most qualified leads based not only on demographics data collected during registration, but also on behavioral data collected during the webinar.  We provide also reports that track which campaign brought these qualified leads to register, toattend the webinar, and help optimize the webinar spend the next time around.

With additional configurations, using Adobe’s Marketing Cloud Digital Analytics, our customers can correlate webinar data to their website traffic data, being able to identify which pages registrants looked at, which document did they download before attending the webinar.  This behavioral data can be used to further optimize the web path to get user to register for webinars or to further qualified leads based on behavior on the website.

Getting this insight is true gold for marketers and uniquely enabled by the close integration between Adobe Connect 9 and Adobe’s Marketing Cloud.


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