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Introducing Adobe Connect 9

Guillaume Privat | Director, Adobe Connect

Today, I’m extremely pleased to announce the next major release of Adobe Connect, Adobe Connect 9.  It will change the way people’s perspective on web conferencing.

This new version of Adobe Connect brings with it features that will help our customers produce even better webinars and collaborate and train even more effectively using mobile devices.

Adobe Connect 9 also leverages industry-leading technologies from other parts of the company to help provide end to end solutions that spans business process that happens before the meeting and after the meeting.

We worked with the Adobe CQ team to build in capabilities that will enable our customers to create rich, branded event landing pages or entire micro-sites that can be used for event promotion and registration.

Adobe SiteCatalyst provides web analytics for some of the biggest brands and websites in the world. We’re leveraging that same engine in Adobe Connect 9 to help our customers measure the success of their webinars and marketing or outreach campaigns.

We’re even able to provide real-time feedback inside of a webinar or virtual classroom with a new pod called the Engagement Dashboard. This dashboard helps presenters and hosts track message effectiveness.

In addition to Adobe Connect 9, we’re also announcing the next version of Adobe Connect Mobile. Version 2 brings with it even more support for meeting hosts to manage the meeting, share documents, and annotate on whiteboards or content. It also increases support for virtual classrooms – incorporating breakout rooms, raise-hand functionality, and many sharing options. There is no longer the need for a traditional PC; Adobe Connect Mobile 2.0 enables device to device collaboration.

With Adobe Connect 9 and Adobe Mobile 2.0, we are powering the use of web conferencing in mission critical business processes across organizations.


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