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Adobe Connect 9 and Captivate 6 enable mobile learning

by Guillaume Privat, Director, Adobe Connect

The Adobe Captivate team announced last week the release of Adobe Captivate 6.  It is a great release.  One of the main feature of the release is the ability to publish elearning content in HTML5 that works cross devices.   This is a critical first step towards mobile learning.

The Adobe Captivate and Adobe Connect team worked closely together to ensure that HTML5 content created with Captivate 6 could be uploaded to the Adobe Connect content library and embedded into a course or a curriculum.  Adobe Connect Training will then track completion of these HTML5 courses providing an end to end workflow from content authoring with Captivate to distribution of the content and score tracking.

Adobe Connect 9 and Adobe Captivate 6 thus provide an end to end workflow for mobile learning that will help organization deploy their e-learning courses across all devices efficiently.


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