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Adobe Connect: 3 Billions Minutes and Counting

by Guillaume Privat, Director, Adobe Connect Business Unit

In 2011, Adobe Connect reached a remarkable milestone.  We delivered more than 3 billion minutes on our hosted platform.  This number would be even bigger if we could add the usage numbers from our large on-premise user base.

This is no surprise.  Year after year, we have observed that organizations that deploy Adobe Connect experience exponential usage growth compared to any previous solution that they have deployed before.  Most credit the ease of use, the persistence of the meeting room which allows for synchronous / a-synchronous collaboration and the development of remote learning, triggered by all the learner engagement features provided by Adobe Connect.

In addition, we have seen a rapid adoption of our mobile application on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod), Android or QNX (Blackberry Playbook).  In 2011, accesses from mobile devices are more than double accesses from Linux or Unix based platform and quickly progressing.

We are set to continue this growth trend in 2012 with exciting upcoming new releases, Adobe Connect 9 and new versions of our mobile applications to further enable tablet to tablet collaboration.


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