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October 18, 2011 /Adobe Connect /Pods /

By Guillaume Privat, Director Product Management, Adobe Connect

A year ago, we launched the Adobe Connect ideas website to capture your inputs on what we should build in the product.  So far the feed-back has been great and we have already implemented many ideas in our C8, C8.1 and C8.2 releases.  Some ideas however are a better fit for 3rd party developers leveraging our SDK.

We have added categories and statuses to the idea site to help surface these ideas.  So whether you are a developer in search of inspiration to create a custom pod, or would like to submit custom pod ideas, read on for some suggestion on how to do this.

Adding a custom pod idea

Say you are a user of Adobe Connect and have an idea for a potential extension, for instance an Angry Birds collaborative pod: just log to the Adobe Connect Idea site with your Adobe ID, create a new idea by clicking on “post idea”.  Fill in the title and the description and select the category “custom pod”.  Submit.  Look at responses from the community on your idea. Simple and easy.

Viewing suggested ideas

If you are a developer in search of inspiration, the Adobe Connect ideas website can provide that inspiration.  Go the ideas site, and on the right side panel filter by either category = “custom pod” or status = “For SDK developer”.  Review the idea and post comments (you will need to log in using your Adobe ID to do so) to request more feedback on the idea.

To vote on my Angry Bird idea, vote here !


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