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Customer Story: 3g Selling

August 11, 2011 /Adobe Connect /

During a conversation with Martyn Lewis, founder and principal of 3g Selling, Martyn talked about the company’s focus on delivering high-impact sales training to corporations worldwide. By combining the reach and flexibility of online learning with powerful features in Adobe Connect for eLearning, 3g is revolutionizing traditional approaches to training global professionals. In less than 18 months, 3g held more than 600 virtual, instructor-led training programs and achieved outstanding results using Adobe Connect instead of using trainings in traditional classrooms.

Not only has the move to live, virtual trainings substantially reduced training costs, but it has also improved participant engagement in sessions and retention of information. For example, participants have more flexibility to attend shorter presentations over several weeks versus having to take in a huge volume of new information in just a couple days.  Also, the availability of persistent meeting rooms through Adobe Connect makes it easy for participants to reconnect to discuss at any time what they’ve learned or to get new updates.

3g’s model blends television production concepts with proven sales training techniques to create high-impact, live, virtual trainings accessible to people on mobile devices or laptop computers. Produced like television or radio broadcasts, the company’s sales training features live video and audio, presentations, scheduled breakout sessions, and interactive elements such as chat and whiteboards that take learner engagement and content retention to new heights. To learn more about how 3g Selling is using Adobe Connect, click here:


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