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Adobe Connect and the Utah Department of Transportation

June 27, 2011 /Adobe Connect /

Mike Garcia, construction operations specialist at the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT), recently talked to us about how the state agency improves training, certification, and management of construction projects using Adobe Connect. By implementing the solution, UDOT can reach more than 400 workers statewide simultaneously with training content.

Adobe Connect enables UDOT to eliminate hundreds of thousands of dollars in travel expenses. In addition, UDOT can reduce expenses associated with paper-based training materials while boosting productivity and decreasing travel. With Adobe Connect, the agency completes projects that citizens need faster and at lower costs, saving taxpayers millions of dollars annually.

UDOT can now integrate periodic quizzes and tests into its online training to challenge a worker’s understanding and comprehension of rules, regulations, and policies. This allows for better tracking of training completion, compliance, and comprehension. UDOT manages the training content on-premise, which provides a higher level of security than other solutions offered.

To learn more about UDOT and its use of Adobe Connect, read the full story.

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