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Show and Tell: Adobe Connect for Sales Training

In today’s global business environment, it is critical for enterprises to quickly and continuously train a broadly dispersed sales force to remain competitive. This is often challenging, especially with the speed at which products are released, markets change, new partnerships evolve, and sales teams expand around the globe.  Leveraging eLearning software for virtual and on-demand training is certainly a necessity in meeting these challenges, but it is important to choose the right eLearning solution as well.  A highly effective eLearning solution needs to provide easy and reliable access, keep learners engaged, and present complex ideas in the most efficient manner possible so that sales teams can quickly glean insights and get back to the field to apply them, without impacting sales schedules. 

With these requirements in mind, we’ve created a video that shows how Adobe Connect enables rapid creation, deployment, and management of sales training courses and content, provides easy access for learners, and keeps learners interested with rich and interactive content.  You will also see how Xerox uses Adobe Connect to deliver rapid training to thousands of employees and customers worldwide.

Check out the video below and, as always, let us know if you have thoughts or questions – either in comments below or via Twitter @AdobeConnect.

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