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Introducing Adobe Connect Managed Services

June 28, 2011 /Adobe Connect /

We’re delighted to announce the worldwide availability of Adobe Connect Managed Services (ACMS)! This is a new single-tenant, hosted offering of our enterprise web conferencing solution managed by our own Adobe Connect experts. It leverages Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) service to provide “on the fly” scaling of resources along with enhanced flexibility, customization, and security options.

Many of our customers have expressed strong interest in an Adobe Connect cloud offering that combines the best features of a hosted solution with those of an on premise deployment.

Often, what customers tell us they like most about a hosted offering is that:

  • No infrastructure is required
  • No IT management is needed
  • Deployment is fast
  • Service is subscription based

At the same time, customers have told us they find our on-premise option attractive because it offers:

  • A single tenant environment
  • Control over maintenance and upgrade schedules
  • A high degree of customizability
  • A broad range of security options
  • Deep integration with back-office applications

It’s at the intersection of the best of hosted and on premise deployment options where a cloud solution really shines for many customers. With that in mind, here are some of the key highlights of our new ACMS offering:

  • Elastic scaling of cloud resources to meet changing capacity needs
  • Rapid time to value of the Adobe Connect solution with the benefits of control, additional security options, and customizability of on premise deployments
  • Installation, end-to-end management, and all necessary resources from software to virtual machines to networking
  • Available in any of the Amazon cloud regions around the globe
  • SAS 70/II certification, ISO27001 compliance and HIPPA agreements available

As part of bringing ACMS to market, we’ve also worked closely with early customers deploying the solution. We have greatly appreciated their feedback—and that of all of our customers—during the development and rollout of ACMS.

So where can you learn more? Check out our Buying Guide and also our Deployment Options Solution Brief explaining the capabilities and differences between the three Adobe Connect deployment options.

We’re interested in your thoughts and questions, as always, so please share in comments or via Twitter @AdobeConnect.

-Mitch Nelson, Director of Managed Services, Adobe

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