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Adobe Connect Impacts Learning at Case Western Reserve University

May 18, 2011 /Adobe Connect /

Wendy Shapiro, senior academic technology advisor at Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), recently talked to us about how the leading research institution supports the 21st century learning model with Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection, as well as Adobe Connect campus-wide for eLearning and web conferencing.

To support its cutting-edge role in education, the university has been a technology leader for decades. The campus boasts a world-class, gigabit-to-the-desktop network. Its MediaVision team has a history of providing video-centric services such as videoconferencing, streaming media, and interactive digital television for content distribution to all areas of the university. In 2009, CWRU standardized on Adobe Connect for eLearning and web conferencing. Today, Adobe Connect is used for everything from administrative meetings and training to engaging with students remotely across a far-flung campus of eight different schools.

 On the administrative side, Case Western Reserve’s Board of Trustees uses Adobe Connect to conduct subcommittee meetings on a regular basis. Board members are located all over the world. The ability to come together for meetings remotely is not only saving money on travel costs, but the more frequent communication enabled by Adobe Connect helps bring issues and projects to a close faster than before.

 A number of research departments regularly use Adobe Connect to present or collaborate with colleagues from other universities around the world. Case Western Reserve’s Procurement and Distribution department uses Adobe Connect to present information to the campus. Prior to Adobe Connect, procurement information was distributed at brown bag lunches in various lecture halls. “With Adobe Connect, the university can distribute information electronically as well as archive it. Since launch of Adobe Connect in early 2009, the university has peaked at a high of 120,000 minutes of use per month and, on the low end, it has not gone below 50,000 minutes per month,” says Michael Kubit, director of ITS, customer service and support for CWRU.

 Adobe software is stimulating, revitalizing, and enhancing curricula at CWRU across disciplines. To learn more about how CWRU is using Creative Suite 5 Master Collection and Adobe Connect, check out the full story here.

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