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More Leads At Lower Cost

March 7, 2011 /Adobe Connect /Events /

There are a number of different reasons we’re seeing more marketing organizations choose webinars for their lead generation activities.  Certainly cost is one of the biggest factors when compared to in-person events, but customers also tell us that they are able to reach a larger, more geographically diverse audience with an online event.  It also makes it easier to secure speakers when activities like travel aren’t necessary.

Moving an event online though makes it more difficult for a speaker to really engage with his or her audience.  You lose the two-way eye contact and you can’t read the body language of the participants.  For these reasons, it becomes absolutely critical to leverage rich media and provide interaction during the event to ensure everyone stays connected and engaged.

In the video below, I walk through some of product features that make Adobe Connect the best technology platform for delivering marketing webinars and measuring your success.

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