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New XMPP Multi-user Chat Pod – Available Now!

February 10, 2011 /Adobe Connect /Pods /

We just released a new XMPP Multi-user Chat pod for Adobe Connect 8 meetings. This meeting extension lets Adobe Connect meeting users participate in multi-user XMPP-based chat sessions – chatting directly with users who may be participating in the chat using other tools such as Jabber or Adium. This greatly extends the collaborative possibilities of Adobe Connect into existing presence and instant messaging systems, allowing text chats to integrate with, and escalate easily into, the richer and more productive Adobe Connect meeting environment.


Adobe Connect meeting hosts access chat rooms (“text conferences”) hosted on an XMPP server by launching this new extension in the Share pod during the meeting and connecting to their target XMPP server (server address, port). Hosts can then browse available text conference rooms and choose which conference room to join.

Once a chat room is joined the Adobe Connect meeting participants can simply view the chat as guests without logging in (guest viewing can be disabled by the host), or participants can each log into the XMPP server with their own credentials to participate from within the Adobe Connect meeting room. Chat can continue seamlessly with other meeting activities such as video, audio, screen sharing, and white-boarding.

The XMPP Chat extension supports secure connections to the XMPP server and is compliant with the XMPP standard.

You can download the new extension here. And, as always, we’re interested in your thoughts in comments or via Twitter (@AdobeConnect).

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