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Help us improve Connect Pro. Fill in our satisfaction survey. Win Photoshop Extended.

Over the last 12 months, the Connect Pro product management team has been very busy bringing new enhancements to the product that culminated with the launch of Connect Pro 7.5 and recently our Connect Pro iPhone app.
As we are in the middle of the planning of our next release cycle, we want to make sure we invest in the area that make the most sense to you. We realize that between Connect Pro 7 and 7.5, the product has grown its feature set very quickly, but as we move forward, before implementing new features, we want to make sure you are happy with the way the current set of feature work.
The way our team typically get this information is via informal meeting with our customers, feed-back from our support or sales team, annual marketing research projects, bug reports or product enhancements reports. The drawback of these methods is that they do not reach across all our user base and do not provide consistent and regular feed-back.
We are looking at a way to hear from you more often and more systematically. That’s why we are starting to roll out a satisfaction survey that we will conduct every quarter where we will ask you about your experience with Connect Pro. Not just with the product and its feature, but also documentation, support, installation, etc…
This will become our score card on how well we are doing. This will become a blueprint for the investment we need to make to ensure the highest level of satisfaction with Connect Pro. After every survey, we will publish the conclusion and communicate openly (or as openly as any public company can do before breaking a serie of SEC regulations) the action plans we are putting in place to address any issue surfaced in the survey.
To help us improve the Connect Pro service, please visit It should not take more than 20 minutes of your time. Leave us your name and email address and we will enroll you into a draw to win a copy of Adobe PhotoShop CS4 Extended (retail value of $999).
Looking forward to hear from you all.

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