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U.S. Marine Corps Selects Connect Pro for Mission-Critical Communications

September 4, 2009 /Adobe Connect /Awards and Reviews /

It’s flattering when a customer looks around the web conferencing market and chooses Connect Pro. Even more flattering when 200,000 people do so all at once.
We are thrilled to announce the that US Marine Corp recently selected Connect Pro as their standard across the entire organization to provide deployed troops secure web conferencing and collaboration. The big focus will be to use Connect Pro as a tactical battlefield collaboration tool for deployed troops across locations worldwide, and will used as a part of version 1.5 of the USMC’s Tactical Collaboration Work Suite, a portable data center providing robust, highly available, highly scalable collaboration and hosting capabilities to deployed forces.
The Marine Corps cited several factors for adopting Acrobat Connect Pro as its collaboration solution. In addition to meeting stringent standards for security, availability and quality, the solution is Joint Interoperability and Test Command Certified, so troops and military leaders can connect quickly across any Department of Defense network. Also, because Acrobat Connect Pro simply requires that users have Adobe Flash Player, which is already installed on Department of Defense computers and 98 percent of Internet-enabled desktops, it can be deployed in the field for use in extremely low-bandwidth environments and intermittent connectivity.
For a few years now we’ve been seeing some of the world’s most secure organizations in financial services, life sciences, and government — including the entire U.S. Department of Defense — turn to Connect Pro as their preferred real-time collaboration solution. This is because Connect Pro not only far exceeds the security capabilities of our competitors, but also enables increased efficiency by removing all the technology barriers found in our competitor’s numerous plug-ins, downloads, and system requirements.
Adobe is happy to help the Marine Corps streamline information exchange and keep troops safe in mission-critical deployments.

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